Our Story

Created through experience and determination.

A note from our founder Mallory

I’ll never forget sitting at a children’s hospital a few months after we got the diagnosis for my son Sutton. The care team handed me a six-page document and told me to keep it with me to give to the nurses in case Sutton ended up in the hospital again. It outlined his rare medical condition, the dos and don’ts for his care based on his complex needs, and was littered with medical jargon.

More importantly, this pile of papers assumed two things:

  1. I would carry these printed pages with me at all times and,
  2. Sutton would always be with me in the event he needed care.

I had dreams of Sutton going to school one day so I asked if there was a better option and was told no.

Our hearts shattered when Sutton passed away on January 1, 2022. He was 7 years old. Sutton taught everyone around him to enjoy life every minute, to live like there are no strangers, eat delicious food, laugh so hard you cry and to just love all the time. Our journey and experiences cemented my determination to help others who care for loved ones with complex needs. And so at night, after I put my three children to sleep, I began work on Risen Devices. I developed prototypes and worked on building a business and a brand.

While creating and building this brand, my youngest son, Bo, received the same rare disease diagnosis that took his brother less than a year earlier. Knowing that my caregiving journey for a child with special needs would continue, I pressed on in hopes to help my own family as well as others.

This brand is built from our personal experiences and seeing a gap in the ability to advocate for my child. My goal is to give people peace of mind knowing that when you wear one of our bracelets your medical information can be quickly accessed by care teams when it’s needed most. Medical record accessibility shouldn’t make our lives more difficult. In the pursuit to help my family, I created a product that can help your loved ones too. Spend your precious time enjoying time together instead of worrying about your paperwork.



Your medical information connects you with the right care when you need it.

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