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We believe in creating space for advocacy so everyone has access to the information they need to receive the best medical care possible. Our goal is to provide a bracelet and dashboard that gives care teams quick and easy access to your important medical information. We are grateful that you trust us with your medical information and wear our bracelets and remain committed to keeping your data safe and secure so you can live your life.


How do I set up a profile?

Click on the Dashboard Login button to click through to our sign-up page. Enter your phone number to receive a one-time password and follow the prompts to create your profile.

Are Dashboard accounts free?

Yes, you can set up and maintain your Dashboard at no cost. Purchasing the bracelet is the only cost.

What information should I upload to my dashboard?

You can list medical conditions, allergies, medication, emergency contact, and your insurance information directly in the dashboard. Additionally, you can upload documents as png, jpeg, and pdf files. Max file size is 25MB.

How do I connect my device?

When you log in to your dashboard you will see a Connect A Device button. Click the button and a pop-up will appear where you can add your Device ID and PIN. Your Device ID and PIN can be found on the back side of your bracelet.

How do I add or edit my information?

In the dashboard click the button with the plus sign to add information. You can edit by clicking the pencil icon to edit or delete by clicking the trash icon.

How many bracelets can I connect to my profile?

You can add a profile to your account whether it has a device or not. Click Create New Profile and fill out the information for an additional profile and click the toggle if you have a device to link it to.

Should I buy the bracelet or set up the Dashboard first?

The order doesn’t matter. You can purchase the bracelet and set up the dashboard at different times.

Is my information safe and secure?

Yes. The safety of your information is our top priority. Your health information is protected in our dashboard by encryption and strong passwords. Only you can upload information to your dashboard and your unique QR code maintains the privacy of your records. When someone scans the medical bracelet QR code they must also obtain the pin of the device and enter it into the website to prevent someone accessing your medical data without this added layer of security.

What happens if I lose my bracelet?

Do not worry. If you lost your bracelet you can unlink your device by logging into the dashboard, clicking your connected device, then deleting the device you wish to remove. If you find your lost bracelet, you can reconnect it by clicking the Connect a Device button and re-enter the device ID and PIN. Your profile information will remain in the dashboard. You may also connect a new device to your existing profile.

Who should wear a medical ID bracelet?

Medical bracelets are for anyone living with medical conditions that might cause a medical emergency and/or conditions that healthcare professionals and first responders should know about before providing care.

Will medical responders know to look for a medical ID bracelet?

Yes. Medical responders, health care providers and hospital staff know to look for a bracelet with the symbol called the Caduceus.

When should I wear my medical ID bracelet?

You can wear your bracelet as much or as little as you like. We designed our bracelets to be comfortable, stylish and subtle so it can accommodate 24/7 wear for every lifestyle.

Where can I purchase a medical bracelet?

Bracelets can be purchased from our website store.

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